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Occupation Classrooms

Physical Chemistry, acronym CF

CF1 [Ground floor - side entrance]
CF2 [First Floor]
CF3 [External - Room III]

General Chemistry, acronym, CG

CG1 [Ground Floor - Main Hall, Degrees]
CG2 [Ground floor - near the didactic secretariat]
CG3 [First Floor - Great Hall]
CG4 [First Floor - adjacent to the administrative secretariat]
CG5 [First Floor - half corridor in front of the window]
CG6 [First Floor - in front of the library]
CG7 [Second Floor - Study Room - Currently NOT usable]

Analytical Chemistry, acronym, CA

CA1 [Second Floor - Analytical Chemistry Room]

Organic Chemistry, acronym, CO

CO1 [Ground Floor - at the end of the corridor]
CO2 [Ground Floor - at the end of the corridor on the left - orange classroom]
CO3 [Ground Floor - near the entrance - study room - Currently NOT usable]
CO4 [Basement - near boiler room]
CO5 [Basement - at the end of the corridor - Entrance from the outside or using the stairs located on the ground floor at the end of the corridor on the left]