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Although the enrolment of students in Chemistry and other scientific Bachelor's degrees in the last years has increased, it is mandatory to maintain and raise the number of motivated and skilled students who will attend these courses.
For this purpose, the Chemistry Department promotes guidance and tutoring for High School students and teachers:

  • promoting High School students' scientific skills required by the job market and motivating their interest in scientific studies in order to enable the young students to focus on their interests and to make an informed choice regarding their future;
  • allowing High School students to participate in self-assessment activities, enhancing skills and knowledge required at the beginning of scientific Bachelor's degrees;
  • offering training courses to High school teachers' of science and chemistry to improve and upgrade their knowledge.

The Chemistry Department promotes, in strict collaboration with High Schools, several activities to guide High School students and teachers. Among them, we highlight the following:

  • "Laboratorio partecipato" in February

    The "Laboratorio partecipato" engages classes of students from different High Schools in laboratory activities co-planned along with their Science and Chemistry Teachers.
  • Experimental activities (Stage or PTCO) in June and July

    For one week, High School students attend the Chemistry Department and are actively involved in laboratory experiments under the supervision of some professors and their co-workers. The programmed activities allow them to experiment with the University environment, deepen their knowledge and test all the Chemistry disciplines, such as organic chemistry, analytical chemistry, and materials science.
  • Training courses for Teachers

    Training courses for High School teachers are organized every year, and they are focused on specific topics favouring the cross-link among scientific disciplines and between science and society. The courses provide both experimental activity and frontal teaching. In particular, chemical laboratory experiences are encouraged to improve teachers' chemistry skills and realize experiments to be easily implemented at school.

Prof.ssa Michela Sturini,, 0382987347

Prof.ssa Doretta Capsoni,, 0382987213

Prof. Filippo Doria,, 0382987668