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Since 2013, Italian universities have been included in a Self-Assessment, Evaluation and Accreditation (AVA) system. AVA provides for a new regulatory and procedural framework within which to develop activities aimed at guaranteeing the Quality Assurance (AQ) of Departments activities and of the Degree Programs. The application of the System must have documentable and usually measurable effects on the improvement of teaching, research and “terza missione”activities, and on administrative and management activities. AVA involves planning, implementation and monitoring of the University's activities aimed at ensuring the achievement and maintenance of the quality levels set during the course of the activities themselves, as contemplated by current legislation (Law no. 19/2012), which provides for the introduction of the initial and periodic accreditation system for study courses and universities, the periodic assessment of the quality, efficiency and results achieved by the universities and the strengthening of the self-assessment system the quality and effectiveness of university teaching and research activities. ANVUR (National Agency for the Evaluation of the University and Research System) has the task of establishing methodologies, criteria, parameters and indicators for accreditation and for periodic evaluation and, to this end, has established the integrated AVA system (Self-evaluation , Periodic Evaluation, Accreditation), with the aim of improving the quality of teaching and research carried out in universities.

Each verification converts into an accreditation judgment, the result of a process through which the possession (initial accreditation) or permanence (periodic accreditation) of the Quality Requirements that make it suitable for carrying out their institutional functions. The Department implements its own teaching and research quality assurance system, through a series of Commissions, coordinating with the University Quality Presidium, through the Department QA Delegate in the Science Area Presidium. QA Delegate of the Department in the Science Area Presidium: Stefano Protti Research Quality Commission and “terza missione”. The group is made up of the QA Delegate in the Presidium, the Head of the Department and members representing the sections of the Chemistry department. The commission pays particular attention to monitoring the quality of Research and the “terza missione”, through the compilation of self-assessment forms recently introduced in the University.


  • Antonella Profumo
  • Umberto Anselmi Tamburini
  • Maurizio Licchelli
  • Filippo Doria
  • Stefano Protti
  • Alice Triveri