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Macro-area of research: Inorganic Chemistry, chemistry of cultural heritage

People: Maurizio Licchelli, Maduka L. Weththimuni, Donatella Sacchi

ERC panel: PE4: Physical and Analytical Chemical Sciences: Analytical chemistry, chemical theory, physical chemistry/chemical physics; PE5: Synthetic Chemistry and Materials: Materials synthesis, structure-properties relations, functional and advanced materials, molecular architecture, organic chemistry

Materials for the conservation of stone substrates.
Study of new materials for the protection and/or consolidation of natural and artificial (e.g. mortars, bricks) stone substrates. Application of protecting and/or consolidating agents on laboratory specimens as well as in situ to evaluate their performances by using standard tests and protocols. Use of multi-technique procedures to investigate the treated substrates.

Nanoparticles in the conservation techniques.
Preparation and investigation of inorganic nanoparticles, their surface functionalization (when appropriate) and application to the protection and consolidation of stone and wood artifacts. Assessment of the performances displayed by plain nanoparticles and by organic/inorganic hybrid materials obtained from proper combination of nanosized inorganic materials with organic matrices.

Diagnostic protocols for cultural heritage items.
Development of analytical protocols based on micro- as well as non-invasive techniques for the characterization of works of art and the assessment of their state of conservation, particularly concerning historic musical instruments.

New techniques for the works of art cleaning.
Development of new materials and methods for the cleaning of stone and wood cleaning by particularly using gels based on products of plant origin and/or synthetic polymers.

- Institute of Preventive Conservation for Cultural Property, Korea National University of Cultural Heritage (KNUCH), Repubblica di Corea
- Museo del Violino, Cremona
- Sistema Museale di Ateneo, Università di Pavia
- Dipartimento DIBEST, Università della Calabria

C. Lee, F. Volpi, G. Fiocco, M. L. Weththimuni, M. Licchelli, M. Malagodi,
Preliminary Cleaning Approach with Alginate and Konjac Glucomannan Polysaccharide Gel for the Surfaces of East Asian and Western String Musical Instruments,
Materials 2022, 15, 1100,
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M. L. Weththimuni, C. Milanese, M. Licchelli, M. Malagodi,
Improving the Protective Properties of Shellac-Based Varnishes by Functionalized Nanoparticles,
Coatings 2021, 11, 419;
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M. Ben Chobba, M. L. Weththimuni, M. Messaoud, C. Urzi, J. Bouaziz, F. De Leo, M. Licchelli,
Ag-TiO2/PDMS nanocomposite protective coatings: Synthesis,characterization, and use as a self-cleaning and antimicrobial agent,
Progress in Organic Coatings 2021, 158, 106342,
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C. Invernizzi, G. Fiocco, M. Iwanicka, M. Kowalska, P. Targowski, B. Blümich, C. Rehorn, V. Gabrielli, D. Bersani, M. Licchelli, M. Malagodi,
Non-invasive mobile technology to study the stratigraphy of ancient Cremonese violins: OCT, NMR-MOUSE, XRF and reflection FT-IR spectroscopy,
Microchemical Journal 2020, 155, 104754,
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M. L. Weththimuni , D. Capsoni, M. Malagodi, M. Licchelli,
Improving Wood Resistance to Decay by Nanostructured ZnO-Based Treatments,
Journal of Nanomaterials 2019, Article ID 6715756,
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M. L. Weththimuni, M. Licchelli, M. Malagodi, N. Rovella, M. La Russa,
Consolidation of bio-calcarenite stone by treatment based on diammonium T hydrogenphosphate and calcium hydroxide nanoparticles,
Measurement 2018, 127, 396–405,
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C. Invernizzi, G. V. Fichera, M. Licchelli, M. Malagodi,
A non-invasive stratigraphic study by reflection FT-IR spectroscopy and UV-induced fluorescence technique: The case of historical violins,
Microchemical Journal 2018, 138, 273–281,
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