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Main Research Areas: Inorganic chemistry

Team: Valeria Amendola, Antonio Poggi

ERC Sectors: PE5_16 Supramolecular chemistry; PE5_6 New materials: oxides, alloys, composite, organic-inorganic hybrid, nanoparticles.

Development of receptors, chemosensors and extractants for target substrates
Synthesis of organic molecular receptors, metal complexes and supramolecular systems for the recognition, extraction and/or signaling of substrates of environmental or biological interest in aqueous solution and complex matrices. Thermodynamic study of receptor:analyte interactions and stability of the corresponding complex.

Materials for gas separation
Synthesis of new molecular materials, to be used alone or as fillers in mixed matrix membranes, for gas separation. The ultimate aim of the research is the development of materials for the capture and separation of carbon dioxide from the air or from mixtures with methane (e.g. biogas / natural gas).

Università della Calabria;
University of Swansea (UK);
CEA-Marcoule (Francia)

Mobili R., Preda G., La Cognata S., Toma L., Pasini D., Amendola V.,
Chiroptical sensing of perrhenate in aqueous media by a chiral organic cage,
Chem. Commun., 2022,58, 3897-3900;
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M. Domínguez, J.F. Blandez, B. Lozano‐Torres, C. de la Torre, M. Licchelli, C. Mangano, V. Amendola, F. Sancenón, R. Martínez-Manez,
A nanoprobe based on gated mesoporous silica nanoparticles for the selective and sensitive detection of benzene metabolite t,t-muconic acid in urine
Chem. Eur. J. (2021),27,1306,
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M. Monteleone, R. Mobili, C. Milanese, E. Esposito, A. Fuoco, S. La Cognata, V. Amendola , J. C. Jansen,
PEEK–WC-based Mixed Matrix Membranes containing polyimine cages for gas separation
Molecules (2021), 26(18), 5557,
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A. Thevenet, A. Miljkovic, S. La Cognata, C. Marie, C. Tamain, N. Boubals, C. Mangano, V. Amendola, P. Guilbaud,
Syntheses and evaluation of new hydrophilic azacryptands used as masking agents of technetium in solvent extraction processes
Dalton Trans. (2021),50, 1620,
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S. La Cognata, R. Mobili, F. Merlo, A. Speltini, M. Boiocchi, T. Recca, L. J. Maher III, V. Amendola,
Sensing and Liquid–Liquid Extraction of Dicarboxylates Using Dicopper Cryptates
ACS Omega (2020), 5, 41, 26573,
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S. La Cognata, A. Miljkovic, R. Mobili, G. Bergamaschi, V. Amendola,
Organic cages as building blocks for mechanically interlocked molecules: towards molecular machines
ChemPlusChem (2020), 85(6), 1145,
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