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Synthesis and characterization of inorganic nanomaterials and compounds, functionalization of surfaces and preparation of polymeric films containing nanoparticles and coordination compounds. Prepared compounds and nanomaterials are employed in several fields: antitumor therapies, theranostics, antibacterial materials, sensors, compostable food packaging, anticounterfeit inks.

Research group: Piersandro Pallavicini (full professor), Angelo Taglietti (associate professor), Giacomo Dacarro (associate professor), Yuri Antonio Diaz-Fernandez (RTD-B researcher), Lorenzo De Vita (post-doc), Lavinia Doveri (PhD student), Luca Preti (PhD student), Miriam Parmigiani (PhD student), Marco Genovesi (research fellow), Chiara Colombi (PhD student)

The research activity of the Amendola – Poggi group is in the field of supramolecular chemistry and concerns the development of: i) molecular receptors / chemosensors for the capture / recognition of ionic pollutants in aqueous solution and complex matrix; ii) synthesis of molecular and reticular materials for gas capture and separation.

Research group: Valeria Amendola (associate professor), Antonio Poggi (associate professor), Sonia Lacognata, Riccardo Mobili.

The Bioinorganic Chemistry Group focuses on biological oxidations promoted by metalloenzymes and the implication of redox-active metals, such as iron and copper, in neurodegenerative pathologies. Several techniques are used for the characterization of reaction mechanisms in model systems and with natural molecules.

Research Group: Enrico Monzani (full professor), Stefania Nicolis (researcher), Simone Dell'Acqua (researcher), Chiara Bacchella (post-doc), Silvia De Caro (IUSS PhD student)

Design of novel coordination compounds, multicomponent supramolecular systems, and their application as chemical sensors (chromo- and/or fluoro-genic) in the detection of anions and/or biologically relevant species. Inorganic molecular materials with applications in optoelectronics and in photoelectrochemical devices.

Research group: Maurizio Licchelli (full professor), Alessio Orbelli-Biroli (RTDb researcher), Carlo Ciarrocchi (post-doc), Carlo Mangano (technician), Donatella Sacchi (technician)

New Materials and Methods for the Cultural Heritage Preservation Preparation and application of new materials (gels, nanoparticles, nanocomposites) for the cleaning, protection, and consolidation of stone and wood artworks. Studies on the conservation state and composition of historical-artistic heritage by using micro- and non-invasive techniques.

Research group: Maurizio Licchelli (full professor), Maduka L. Weththimuni (research fellow), Donatella Sacchi (technician)

Protein three-dimensional structures are predicted and analyzed by means of several computational tools and methods and by analyzing publicly available databases. Particular attention is devoted to protein dynamics, non-bonding interactions and disulfide bonds.

Research Group: Oliviero Carugo

Pyrolytic treatment of biomass for the production of fuels and chemicals. Preparation of bioplastics from waste materials. Investigation on polymer degradation and synthesis. Study of chemical reactions giving rise to Life on Earth

Research Group: Daniele Dondi (associate professor)